How To Use Facial Massage for Firmer Skin

Another tool for better skin that also feels lovely? You can see why we’re big fans of facial massage. Facial massage not to be confused with its cousin, the facial makes skin look younger and healthier by increasing circulation, relieving tension and smoothing out wrinkles.

First, get ready

Decide on a routine time. Facial massages are most effective if done daily, and ideally when you wake up or just before bed. Choose your oil or moisturiser, based on what your skin responds well to; that is, if you’re acne-prone, avoid anything oil-based. Finally, with clean hands, wash your face and gently pat it dry.

Wake up your face

Stand up, lean forward just a tad, and put your hands to your cheeks like you’re the kid in Home Alone. Now release everything but the lower part of your fingers. Using that part of your hands, gently pat your cheeks, moving up and down a little as you go, for about half a minute. This circulation-boosting massage is particularly useful in the morning to brighten skin and reduce puffiness that’s accumulated overnight.

Turn up your smile

Put your ring fingers to the corners of your mouth and make little arcs upwards. We say arcs instead of circles, because the key is only moving up. Gravity is handling the downward part just fine, thank you very much.

Smooth your forehead

Put your hands over your face as if you’re playing ‘peek-a-boo.’ Notice how your fingers line up next to each other on your forehead? Begin rubbing your forehead by moving one hand up while the other moves down. Now, work your way to one side and then the other, your hands constantly moving in alternate directions

Soothe your eyes

Begin with your ring fingers lightly touching either side of the bridge of your nose, just beyond the corner of your eyes. Imagine you’re tracing your eye socket, circling up gently over your brow bone, along the outer edge of your eyes, underneath and back to where you started. Repeat this ten times. Take care not to pull at your delicate under-eye skin — we’re not looking to cause new wrinkles here!